High Fidelity
The K1 chair by designer Nikita Bukoros was inspired by car design of 1970s. It was the time when first cars, designed specially for rallies, appeared. Futuristic design (sharp masculine lines, aerodynamic shapes, wedge-like bodies) was intended for a car to be stable on the road and keep up with high speed. 1970s were the time of honest automotive design, when big manufacturing companies were headed by engineers but not by moneymakers.
The industry of racing cars was developing under the influence of big rallies such as "12 Hours of Sebring", "24 Hours of Daytona" and "24 Hours of Le Mans".
Constructors understood that it was not enough just to modify standard road cars for rallies. They had to develop something special instead. But there was a rule - only serial cars could be admitted to the rallies. So manufacturers had to produce minimal series of 25 models and several cars were put out for sale. As a result "cars from the future" started to appear on city roads.
The K1 chair was designed as a serial product. The model has strong expressive design due to sharp chopped lines. It has a recognizable form which refers us to racing cars from the past. The chair makes an accent in an interior like unusual object placed into serial production context.
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