Designer Nikita Bukoros introduces two new object in the "E" furniture series. Metal lines, combined with the warm textures of wood and textiles are reflected in the E3 chair and E4 bar stool.
The rigid construction the cup is a hallmark of the new objects. The metal belt of the cup supports back of the sitting and the seat depth ensures a proper rest. Felt substrate with the textile upholstery and small cushions balance the hardness of structure. Final detail — the laconic wooden laths on the armrests, which protect from the discomfort, associated with the pressure of hands on the metal base.

The E3 chair will be an excellent solution for using in the dining area or workspace, and the E4 bar stool allows to accommodate behind the bar comfortably.

steel, solid ash, felt, chenille
Sizes E3:
Width: 605mm
Length: 525mm
Height: 700mm
Sizes E4:
Width: 645mm
Length: 610mm
Height: 995mm
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