The beauty of simplicity
We have presented E1 bar stool on January 21 - the object of our like-minded person, designer Nikita Bukoros'. As a true admirer of Japanese culture, Nikita has created the object that is on the edge of several arts: calligraphy, tea drinking, bonsai, the art of making weapons. These arts are united with the idea of "The Path" as the following of its mission.
The E2 chair is a new stage of Nikita Bukoros' creative Path, which tells the story of the inspiration and comprehension of beauty.
Thin lines of the chair are simple and laconic. The strictness of the metal is balanced by softness and warmth of the felt. The combination of two textures provides the convenience of seating and maximum practicality of the product. Beauty, which is typical for such an object as a chair, fully characterize Nikita Bukoros' new object.
The E2 chair is the embodiment of the Japanese understanding of beauty, that is easy to feel and is difficult to explain in words.

Steel, felt.
Width: 565mm
Length: 485mm
Height: 775mm
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