CRYSTAL / Next-gen nail care brand concept that combines futuristic & science-backed approaches. 

In the augmented reality of the future, physical colors or designs on nails become unnecessary, as you can select any style you desire in the digital realm. This evolution prioritizes nail health above aesthetic look. To align with this shift, we have developed an essential kit dedicated to nurturing healthy nails.

Our project represents a fusion of beauty's essence with the futuristic vision of an imaginative new world. From initial conceptualization of the idea and packaging shape to the final stages of branding, modeling, and rendering visuals, we've executed a thorough branding journey.

Our branding features a signature diagonal line that unifies the design across bottle bottoms, paper packaging, and our logotype's angled construction. This intentional design choice ensures coherence and harmony within our visual identity, blending creativity with structural consistency.

What we did:
1. Foresee possible future in nail care niche
2. Develop idea concept & naming 
3. Reshape form and packaging design
4. 3d modeling and visualization
5. Art-direction of AI campaign creation

Valeria Shaposhnikova — Creative direction
Alexandra Romanenko — Concept & Brand design
Nikita Bukoros — Modeling & Visualization

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